Junior Tennis

Climb the Ladder of Success


Younger players at The Racquet Club of Lake Bluff will enjoy the many opportunities to improve their knowledge, skill, and love for tennis. With lessons for every level and programs like match play, travel teams, and walk-on time, juniors from beginners to advanced will improve their game and get physically fit.The junior clinic system at RCLB begins at Level 6 (for our youngest players) and culminates at Level 1 (our tournament-level players aspiring to play college tennis or beyond).  All class descriptions are listed below…


LEVEL 6 – Children will learn how the racquet moves, the perception (receiving) and the production (sending) of ball trajectories.  They will start to rally with a partner on a smaller court (36’), shorter net, and low compression balls (foam or red).  The proper movement on the court will be taught as well as hitting a ball before (volley) or after a bounce (groundstroke).

LEVEL 5 – To encourage consistency and introduce tactical patterns, this class will focus on stroke mechanics, basic footwork, rallying and rules of tennis. The development of these skills will be taught through cooperative or competitive situations. Children will practice on 60’ courts with low compression balls (orange).


Get in the healthy habit of playing tennis on a regular basis! Take advantage of the classes, drills and court time programs we offer and launch your game to the next level!

LEVEL 4 – This level is perhaps the most important of all.  Children will learn the fundamentals of tennis: footwork and stroke technique. Green dot balls on a full size court are used to allow them to master these techniques and develop key aspects of the game before starting the use of regular balls.

LEVEL 3 – At this level, students start practicing with regular balls.  Reinforcing/polishing fundamentals, making in-point adjustments and learning the basics of the practice (being sparring partners) will be the focus of these classes. The fitness aspect of tennis becomes more important at this level.

LEVEL 2 – At the completion of this level, students are expected to have the “tools” (technique) needed to apply any kind of strategy during the point or match situations. They will learn patterns to make them better competitors for high school tennis and tournaments.

LEVEL 1 – Becoming competitive tennis players (not just ball hitters), creating their own style of play, and being versatile are the goals for this level. High intensity, hard work and motivation are required.  Technique through individual goals remains important, but fitness and the “mental game” are mandatory to be successful in competition.



MATCH PLAY – Each week, junior players have the opportunity to compete in coach-supervised matches that strengthen and enhance the skills learned during classes.  Technique and strategy can be reviewed in real-time, allowing the player an opportunity to make appropriate adjustments.  Players can also develop their “coachability” which will be important if they are seeking to compete at the high school/college level.  Not session-based, Match Play can be used anytime during the indoor season, and is organized separately by levels.

PRIVATE LESSONS – Private tennis lessons are a great way to focus on the individual needs of the player.  Specific instruction and reinforcement of skills learned in group classes can be integrated into the session.  Private lessons are available with any of the tennis pros at RCLB and may be reserved based on court time and pro availability. Call the Racquet Club of Lake Bluff at 847-295-1322 to learn more.

JUNIOR TRAVEL TEAMS – Junior players at RCLB participate in CITA (Chicagoland Indoor Tennis Association) travel leagues.  These Saturday-based leagues are held in the fall for boys and winter/early spring for girls, providing players with competitive opportunities outside their high school seasons.


Junior walk-on court time is a very popular club membership benefit.  Junior members who are enrolled in a class program, are able to hit with each other, at no cost, when a court is available to walk-on. Reservations are not available for walk-on courts. Contact The Racquet Club of Lake Bluff at 847-295-1322 for more information.


  • Child is a current member of The Racquet Club of Lake Bluff.
  • Child is a current participant our club’s Junior Program.
  • Court time may not be reserved ahead of time.
  • Child is playing with another current junior member who is participating in a junior program, or…
  • Child is playing with one parent, and parent is a current member.
  • Family has a Family Membership with one member of family enrolled in a junior or adult program.
  • Player has a Student Membership.