Personalized Tennis Instruction for Every Age & Level

Are you ready to play? Learn the basics of the game or advance your skills with tennis lessons at The Racquet Club of Lake Bluff.  Our team of certified tennis professionals instructs and encourages players through every facet of the game from basic elements to advanced play.

The program for juniors is dedicated to developing technical, mental, tactical and physical skills.  Lessons provide instruction, coaching and a pathway for youth to acquire the skills they need for competitive play. Levels of training will progress from the essential elements of the game such as stroke production/footwork to tactical decision-making and mental toughness development.

Adult tennis lessons and drills range from basic instruction for novice players to more intense singles and doubles play for more advanced tennis enthusiasts.

No tennis experience? No worries. Our club provides the instruction you need to learn the sport of a lifetime.  To find out more about the lessons for every age, stop by the front desk or call our tennis club in Lake Bluff at (847) 295-1322.